The Mindful Reflection Project

The Mindful Reflection Project’s mission is to support schools, mission based organizations, grasssroot movements, families, teachers, and individuals to create space for authentic and sustainable relationships and work in community. The MRP does this by supporting individuals and organizations to

  • meet their fullest potential
  • align mission & vision with the needs of community
  • mobilize the capacities & wisdom present
  • identify the places where development and support is needed
  • integrate mindfulness practices and self care

The specific goals of the MRP are individualized in each individual and community. The MRP utilizes concrete practices based in mindfulness in order to do this. We support you to identify strengths and weakness and to craft concrete responses to these in relationship.

Don’t you know yet? Fling the emptiness out of your arms
into the spaces we breathe; perhaps the birds
will feel the expanded air with more passionate flying.

-Rainer Marie Rilke, the First Elegy

© Traci Childress, 2013.

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