Giving Birth Makes the Mind Mortal 

Last night my  3.5 year old got into bed with me. I slept between him and my 5 month old– as Jonas said when he woke up “you’re like a big burrito with us wrapping around you, Mom.” Exactly how I felt, I guess, as I woke and noted the matted state of my hair […]

Did I really google “Am I a bad mother”? 

We live in the age of internet searches. My son recently wanted to knit a scarf. He’s 3.5. It’s been so long since I knitted that I told him I couldn’t remember how. He bent his arms, pulled his elbows in towards his sides, opened his hands towards the ceiling and said, “actually, Mom, you […]

He talks more than you do 

Yesterday we were driving home from a birthday party. It was nearly my children’s bathtime when we left. My three and a half year old sat in his car seat behind me and his brother beside him in his.  Jonas talked constantly. “He talks more than you” a close friend said when she came to […]

Pop is in the wind? 

We have been preparing for the holidays. Jonas has his advent’s calendar that Lisa, Tia, and I am made into the wee hours of the night last year. Each morning he eagerly pulls out a gift after standing in front of the felt calendar and asking “which one?” “Which number is today.” I didn’t consider […]