Therapy, coaches, training: why are we never enough? 

I am entering a year in which I plan to hand over much of my administrative responsibility at the school I started 4 years ago. I do not want to leave the school, but to begin the process of training others in how the school runs. Much of the systems are out of my head […]

On Becoming an Accidental Leader 

Four years ago, I founded a school. It seems absurd to say it, but in some regards, it was an accidental business; a purposeful founding, with no thought about how it would result in a business to run and manage. I met a woman at a local garden by chance when we were both there […]

Yoga, Asana and Practice: Attending to the heart 

Six years ago I was pregnant with my first son. I had been studying Iyengar yoga intensely for several years. During the pregnancy I completed my training with Patricia Walden. Being pregnant meant that going up for certification in the Iyengar system when finished, wasn’t possible. My birth had some complications and my asana practice […]

Birthday Surrender 

My birthday is 15 days away. I appreciate the opportunity to reflect each year as my birthday draws near. This year, I feel as though I am tumbling into the imprints of a year of particularly big events to reflect upon. Since my last birthday, I have quit my full time job, starting freelancing again, […]

The tribes we lead 

These are the highlights that I loved in this video: Find something worth changing and then assemble and then spread. It only takes 1000 people Leaders are heretics; they can’t abide the status quo and so they organize They (who have been leaders) didn’t do it alone, or with ads, they did it with others; […]

Ride the Wave of your Vision 

I am reading about the mega church movement in the US right now. One idea I’ve run across in my reading  is the  use of  the metaphor of a wave and of surfing to point out that churches that struggle with growth (read: success) are focusing on the “how to build a wave” approach, rather than […]