Being of Service Starts by Asking Why You Serve 

In Time’s Essay called Doing Good Badly Nancy Gibbs writes “One’s duty in the face of disaster is not just to be kind but to be sensible.”  Too many volunteers, inspired to help in Haiti, she says, show up unprepared and end up having to be taken care of rather than providing assistance.  What good […]

The tribes we lead 

These are the highlights that I loved in this video: Find something worth changing and then assemble and then spread. It only takes 1000 people Leaders are heretics; they can’t abide the status quo and so they organize They (who have been leaders) didn’t do it alone, or with ads, they did it with others; […]

A Life Should Leave Deep Tracks 

Things Shouldn’t Be So Hard — by Kay Ryan A life should leave deep tracks: ruts where she went out and back to get the mail or move the hose around the yard; where she used to stand before the sink, a worn-out place; beneath her hand the china knobs rubbed down to white pastilles; […]