Practice to Navigate Paradox 

There is a verse from Lau Tzu that says: “Instead of trying to be a mountain, be the valley of the universe, so all things will come to you.” The last 5 years have been teaching me this– strong willed and motivated, I feel that I have a more inherent understanding of what it means […]

Mindful Leadership 

There is a line from Rilke’s First Elegy that I have carried with me since college–  something I  return to remind myself of the importance of letting go– of opening my heart to the moment. “Don’t you know yet? Fling the emptiness out of your arms into the spaces we breathe; perhaps the birds will […]

Devotion: Response to New York Times book review 

I just finished Dani Shapiro’s new memoir Devotion a few weeks ago. I was very moved by the book. It was my first introduction to Shapiro’s writing, and I was impressed with the way she articulated her experience in a brief space. I found her writing strong and her searching earnest, her reporting honest. In […]

Birthday Surrender 

My birthday is 15 days away. I appreciate the opportunity to reflect each year as my birthday draws near. This year, I feel as though I am tumbling into the imprints of a year of particularly big events to reflect upon. Since my last birthday, I have quit my full time job, starting freelancing again, […]

A Life Should Leave Deep Tracks 

Things Shouldn’t Be So Hard — by Kay Ryan A life should leave deep tracks: ruts where she went out and back to get the mail or move the hose around the yard; where she used to stand before the sink, a worn-out place; beneath her hand the china knobs rubbed down to white pastilles; […]