Facilitation & Consulting

The Mindful Reflection Project’s Facilitation and Consultation Services  

The specific goals of The Mindful Reflection Project are individualized in each community, work environment, project or family. We utilize concrete practices grounded in the field of mindfulness to support you to identify strengths and weakness, and to craft concrete responses and authentic plans of action in relationship to these.
The process involves working as a community to explore
  • Mindfulness practices to develop attention and awareness
  • Bearing Witness: Exercises to develop the capacity to be present , to listen, and to share in community
  • Self care practices that are sustainable
  • Reflection and Inquiry practices  in community
  • Development of  agreements, protocol, and structures to integrate these practices into the day to day
We support you to:
  • Make organizational culture more explicit and more meaningful to both those individuals you serve and those who do the day to day work of your organization
  • Support the development and refinement of empathy based tools, systems, and process that authentically invite your community to participate in realizing your mission and carrying out the necessary day to day work
  • Support the development and implementation of processes for community reflection and ongoing inquiry on both the individual and collective level
  • Help identify the real needs of your staff or your movement in order to integrate the wisdom of your community while being aligned with your available resources
  • Support the cultivation of empathy and compassion in the working environment and organization’s culture

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